About Us

About Disoc Ball Tune

If you're reading these lines, it's probably because you want to know what we do, why we do it or simply discover who we are. With us, there's no room for doubt, we'll give ourselves up to you in all transparency.


Our Mission 

Our mission is to bring together free spirits who are aware of the value of life and who wish to live it to the fullest.

To do so, we have created this store entirely dedicated to the symbol of the Disco Ball.

Our products are a true emblem of your Groovy Spirit and a guarantee of freedom of conscience and action in our modern society.

Why Choose Us ?

Well , theres multiple reasons for that , First , this site has been built by true afficionados of the Disco Ball and the larger Disco Culture that stormed the 70s era but still find large influence on todays world .

Our large selection of Disco Ball themed products including disco dall Earrings , disco ball Lighting , disco ball decorations and ornaments and off course actual Disco Balls , for anyone looking to add some Disco Sparkles in their life , we got you covered .


We wish to offer Disco Ball products of the highest quality in the store.

This is why we work exclusively with artisans recognized for their expertise and the finesse of their work.

With us, no compromise: the requirement is paramount and only the favorite products are retained on Disco Ball Tune .

So dont waist anymore time and take a look at our Store! , and find the perfect gift for you or disco fan in your life .